harness har∙ness noun 1. a set of strips of leather and metal pieces that is put around a horseˈs head and body so that the horse can be controlled and fastened to a carriage , etc. • 马具;挽具 2. a set of strips of leather, etc. for fastening sth to a personˈs body or to keep them from moving off or falling • (防止人移动或坠落的)背带,保护带:
»a safety harness
【IDIOMS】 in ˈharness (BrE) • doing your normal work, especially after a rest or a holiday • (尤指休息或假期结束后)做正常工作 in harness (with sb) (BrE) • working closely with sb in order to achieve sth • (同某人)联手;密切合作 verb [VN] 1. harness sth (to sth) to put a harness on a horse or other animal; to attach a horse or other animal to sth with a harness • 给(马等)上挽具;用挽具把…套到…上:
»to harness a horse
»We harnessed ten ponies to the cart.
»(figurative) In some areas, the poor feel harnessed to their jobs.
2. to control and use the force or strength of sth to produce power or to achieve sth • 控制,利用(以产生能量等):
»attempts to harness the sunˈs rays as a source of energy
»We must harness the skill and creativity of our workforce.
* * *
n. (全套)馬具, 系在身上的繩子, 甲冑
vt. 上馬具, 披上甲冑, 利用(河流﹑瀑布等)產生動力(尤指電力)

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